whiten teeth at home

Using toothpaste to whiten teeth at home

Whiten teeth at home

The main problem with the whitening toothpaste is that it doesn’t contain enough concentration of any whitening agent to make a remarkable difference in your teeth. So, the very short answer is “you can’t whiten teeth at home instantly, if you are using toothpaste”. But if you want to maintain your whiteness or if you have given yourself a long time to whiten teeth at home, toothpaste can be a solution.

Brushing teeth is a short process. No body brushes for more than 2-3 minutes. A few minutes with mild whitening elements will not be enough to drastically whiten your teeth.

However, there is another risk of  gradually tearing the surface of your tooth enamel because of the scratching of the toothbrush and paste against your teeth.  Brushing teeth will remove the surface stains of the teeth.  Deeper stains will not be removed. The main reason of the yellow teeth is these deep stains.

There are good toothpastes with ingredients to whiten teeth at home.  One good example is Colgate

Some people have been using this toothpaste to whiten teeth at home for many years.  Their main suggestion is to do a good teeth whitening session once or twice a year with an effective teeth whitening kit or with teeth whitening strips.

Once they achieve a good level of whiteness, they will keep using the toothpastes to maintain their white teeth.



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