People who should not do carbamide peroxide teeth whitening?

There are some groups of people who should not whiten their teeth.

  • People under 16 years old should not use teeth whitening products due to continuing development of their teeth.  If you are under this age and want to do this you will need parental consent for that.
  • Pregnant or lactating women should not do teeth whitening.  There is no harm in using carbamide peroxide to the baby or the mother. However, in case the chemical is swallowed in access, there may be potential problems.  Just a delicate matter should be approached with caution.
  • Allergy to carbamide peroxide is very rare.  If you had any allergic reaction when using peroxide during hair bleaching,  you may want to be careful whitening your teeth.  If you don’t know if you are allergic or not, it will be an obvious reaction causing you discomfort once you apply the bleaching gel.  If you found that you are allergic to it, the discomfort will vanish in a few days and there will be no prolonged damage.
  • Teeth bleaching treatment is not advisable for people who suffer from gum disease, open cavities, recent mouth surgery, dental braces or leaking fillings. In these conditions it is recommended to visit your own dentist before starting any bleaching treatment to your teeth.
  • If you have blueish or grayish tint color of your natural teeth, the bleaching with peroxide may be work for you. As the teeth whitening agents can only remove stains, it can not change the structure of the teeth.
  • People who have gingivitis or any other oral disease, carbamide peroxide teeth whitening may be painful on the gum line and sometimes there is a little bleeding across the gum line. In these cases, it is recommended to treat any oral condition or disease with your dentist before applying getting your teeth whiten.
  • The interesting thing about peroxide is that it is used as germicidal and anti-bactericidal , so it doesn’t extend any oral disease but actually kills bacteria and prevent any further damage to the gum!

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