You can have whiter teeth in just 10 minutes!!

Use Our Teeth Whitening Kit in The Comfort of Your Home.

Teeth Whitening Kit at Home
Best Teeth Whitening Bleach Kit At Home Use

Easy to Use at Home

Light activated teeth whitening gel delivers fast results.
100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Alcohol Free.

See How Easy It Is

Dentist grade carbamide peroxide will whiten your teeth.
Just 10 minutes a day: remove years of stains in 3 Steps.

Best Teeth Whitening Kit Results

Step One

Attach the silicone trays to the light.​

Step Two

Fill the front surface of the mouth tray on both the top and bottom with a little bit of gel.

Step Three

Insert the light with tray into your mouth and place firmly over your teeth.

Shell_Teeth Whitening Light

Ready to Use High Quality Silicone Trays

Truly one size fits all food-grade trays ready to use out of the box. No shaping or forming requred.

5 x More Powerful LED Teeth Whitening Light

Strong 5 LED Bulbs with Long Lasting Batteries. 10 Minute Self Timer Light.

"This stuff is amazing! I've always had problems whitening my teeth. Strips don't really work for me and I had stains in between my front teeth from years of braces. I haven't had any discomfort during the treatments. I highly recommend this! "
Anna B.
Denver - CO

Cool Teeth Whitening Kit

Remove stains, restore the youth and beauty of your smile in just 10 minutes.



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our kit comes with everything you need to start whitening your teeth right away.

The carbamide peroxide will whiten your teeth – 10 minutes a day. LED light will help you get there faster.

Designed in USA and Manufactured by an FDA Registered Dental Lab. No Animal Cruelty or Testing.


Your order will be shipped from New Jersey via Priority Mail. You can receive your teeth whitening kit right away.

"The packaged arrived on time and order was complete. The seller even took its time to contact me to make sure that I was satisfied with the package. The get is strong enough to whiten teeth and does not hurt your gums like many other ones. It's an easy application process and for the amount of syringes, this product will definitely last me all year. Highly recommend."  
Lola C.
Sumter, SC
"Great product, works very well...In love and will buy again. My teeth are super white!! That’s the only whitening kit, that doesn’t make my teeth painful.."
Springfield, OH