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Teeth Whitening Trays Myth

Myth #7.1: Best teeth whitening results can be achieved with dentist purchased expensive teeth whitening trays

The truth is, dentists offer expensive special customs trays, which work great.  But it is also true that you can just mold your own teeth whitening trays at home.  Cool Teeth Whitening Kits come with thermo-form teeth whitening trays.  This is a new technology which was not available before.  Dentists had to work on custom trays in the past. Cool Teeth Whitening Home kits come with the boil-n-bite thermo-form mouth trays.  If you do not mold the trays carefully, they may be uncomfortable.  And not properly shaped – mold trays will not work great. But the good news is, you can redo the molding many times until you are satisfied.  Teeth whitening trays keep the gel in place and protects your gums, lips and tongue from the gel.

There are detailed instructions on how to mold and customize your teeth whitening trays at home. Please the instructions pages and videos on www.coolteethwhitening.com

Myth #7.2: You have to have some type of teeth whitening trays

Frankly, this is also not entirely true.

Teeth whitening trays work great but they are just tools to keep the gel in touch with your teeth, away from your gums, away from your lips and cheeks.  If you don’t like to wear teeth whitening trays or you don’t think you want to mold them, you can eliminate the trays. Here is how:

The idea is to get the gel in touch with the teeth. Some of our clients prefer to apply gel directly to your teeth, using a cotton swab like tool. They usually are very uncomfortable while trying not to touch their teeth but it works.  The advantage is, you control specifically where you whiten.


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  1. sheryl ketchum

    Under Teeth Whitening Trays Myth… there is a typo…. (kinda grins at it), however noticeable 🙂

    “Teeth whitening trays work great but they are just tools to keep the gel in touch with your teeth, away from your cums, away from your lips and cheeks. ”

    Cums should be gums.

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