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Teeth Whitening Myth: Hollywood White Smile

Myth on Hollywood White Smile

Myth #8: Anyone can have the white teeth they see on TV  (Hollywood White Smile) regardless of their teeth.

Teeth structure is a part of our DNA, just like any other feature. Everyone has a unique type of teeth since birth. Unfortunately, not all types of teeth can reach to the degree of white that they want and this is very disappointing to many people. The fact is, some individuals have genetically off-white or yellow teeth and the bleaching products only remove the stains from teeth and get it back to the natural birth color of teeth, which is still far from Hollywood white .  This variations of teeth color is due to many reasons.  Most of cases, due to genetic causes that gives the teeth the grey or pale blue color or even yellowish. Other cases due to intensive use of antibiotics as tetracycline, these called deep stains and is not easily removed. Now, you clearly should know that the whitening agents such as carbamide peroxide only removes the stains from teeth and don’t change its original birth color but in some cases it can improve the color of tinted teeth.

As you think of all the movie stars with their white teeth and say that it’s not possible that all of them have genetically white teeth by luck. That is right, Hollywood stars pay thousands to make their teeth look that pure white by using a Veneers made from porcelain. You can also use this technology to get yourself the same look.  As always carbamide peroxide whitening gels can get you a very satisfactory degree of whiteness and doesn’t cost you a lot of money. One more note on the Hollywood White Smile: Photoshop…

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