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Sensitive Teeth Whitening Tips

sensitive teeth whitening tipsWhitening your teeth at home with a kit purchased is becoming a common practice.  One of the possible questions that you may have is about sensitive teeth.  Yes, it is true that some people may experience temporarily increased tooth sensitivity or they may hurt their gums. Feeling the zingers.   There are ways to avoid this sensitivity. Here you will find some of the best sensitive teeth whitening tips.  After all, if you have sensitivity or zingerish feelings on your gums, don’t worry – it is only temporary.  If your discomfort is longer than 48 hours, you may have other problems, it is suggested to see a dentist.

Summary of sensitive teeth whitening tips:
1- Molding trays is a very important step. Do not skip it.  Have your trays fit very well.
2- Custom fit your trays by cutting the top of the trays, if they are too big for your teeth.
3- Over using gel is a bad idea. Excess gel will find a way to your gums and hurt them.
4- Test your trays and gel with a brief trial session. Start with a 2-4 minute whitening.
5- Don’t rush it. You can’t get the hang of teeth whitening 30 minutes before your date.
6- Consider using re-mineralization gel.
7- Don’t panic if your gums hurt – it is temporary. Aleve and Advil may help.

Sensitive Teeth Whitening Tips

There are several different sensitive teeth whitening tips for using whitening gels.  While using thermo-form (boil and mold) trays,  molding the trays is very important. Please take your time with it.  Better fitting trays will work better to keep the gel and your teeth in touch – avoiding the gel-gum contact.  Try to re-mold the trays until you achieve results – a good fit is essential. And always check the depth of your trays. If your teeth is smaller than the trays, and if you don’t cut the bottom of the trays, the gel will touch to your gums.  If your trays are too shallow for your teeth, gel can only whiten a portion of your teeth.  If you feel like you have ruined the trays that came with your kits, contact us for replacement trays.

Less is better when it comes to teeth whitening gel.  This is one of the basic sensitive teeth whitening tips. Excess gel will end up on your gums, guaranteed.

Next on the list of sensitive teeth whitening tips, reducing the duration of the sessions i.e. the time that  the whitening gel is in touch with your teeth.  If you are hurt, why would you not shorten the duration? For example, if the instructions call for a maximum of  20 minutes per treatment, you should start testing from a 5 minute session.  If you like the results, you can increase the period to 20 minutes incrementally.  Once again, starting slow is a clever way to avoiding the sensitivity.   Along with the durations, the time intervals between sessions is important.  If find out that you can take a 20 minute session but it feels like you can’t do it for another minute more, why would you try a new session before you start felling comfortable again? Wait till you feel like brand new , then go for a new session. This is one of the most trivial sensitive teeth whitening tips: shorten the sessions – increase the time between sessions.  If they suggest one session per day, then you can try doing it every other day or once a week. If your discomfort continues you can both – shorten the treatment time to 15 minutes and also perform whitening twice a month.

This is not one of the sensitive teeth whitening tips but a reminder: people who do not have very sensitive tooth and gum structure can have some increased sensitivity because of the treatment, let’s face it, we are bleaching teeth.

For people with sensitive teeth, whitening is still possible. It will just take longer and will need more care.  Getting great results with these sensitive teeth whitening tips is possible. Copyright ©, 20013. All Rights Reserved.

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