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    1. Dirk Reinhold

      Oh my, your company offers 4 demo videos and not even one of them gives an all-around demo. The first one just reads the text that is in the leaflet. One of them at least demos the tray. Neither in the leaflet nor in the videos does it show how to manipulate the syringes. Why are there extra caps? Does one cut off the top of the syringe? If you do not use all the gel, can it stay/keep it in the syringe? etc., etc.
      Pretty bad job, folks.

      1. Cool Teeth Whitening Admin

        Thank you for the questions.
        Why are there extra caps?
        – The gel syringes come with a removable twist lock cap for safe shipping. You can twist and remove the cap to dispense the gel. We include 5 extra syringe tips to be used for precision. These extra 5 syringe tips have much smaller openings and you can drop the gel exactly where you want.

        Does one cut off the top of the syringe?
        – You do not have to cut off anything. It’s all twist lock.

        You can store your gel syringes used-unused-full-half full in the fridge for extended shelf life. Please do not freeze the gels, just keep refrigerated.

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