Teeth Whitening At Home

Teeth Whitening At Home

Formerly, the only way to have one teeth whitened was to visit a dentist but many people are not comfortable with the idea of visiting a dentist. Thus, they tend to postpone their appointments and ultimately forget about it. Even though people are eager to get their teeth whitened, they tend to ignore it for fear of going to the dentist. Those people who are wary of visiting the dentist for teeth whitening should go for natural teeth whitening products, which can be used easily at home.

Teeth whitening at home products were launched keeping such people in mind, and people were more than willing to go for it. These primarily catered to such people who were afraid to go the dentist and were not willing to shell out such huge sums for a teeth-whitening treatment. The cost of teeth whitening at home is comparatively less than a fraction of a visit to the dentist entails. These teeth whitening at home methods might seem conventional and outdated to some but people continue to trust in these time-tested methods and the results are equally successful today as they were once.

Some teeth whitening at home methods are still in use today.

1.     Soda bicarbonate mixed with water.

Bicarbonate soda paste is easily available in supermarket and drug stores. Many people use it to whiten their teeth. This paste is combined with water and is to be gargled on a regular basis. Constant use of this mixture results in whiter teeth.

2.     Lemon juice and salt.

A mix of lemon juice and salt, when applied regularly on the teeth helps in the removal of the yellowish tinge on teeth. The acidity of the lemon juice helps in the whitening of teeth. If used on a regular basis, the dull yellow color of the teeth is reduced to a large extent.

3.     Bay leaf and dried orange peel.

Bay leaf when combined with the dried peel of an orange helps in teeth whitening. One simply has to apply these two ingredients together and the result will be there for all to see.

4.     Inner part of orange peel.

Most of us have observed the inner white part of an orange peel. We generally discard it considering it of no use. However, many people are not aware of its teeth whitening properties. One just needs to rub this white portion on the teeth regularly to get shiny white teeth.

The above list gives an idea of some of the ways by which one can do teeth whitening at home by using natural homemade remedies. Today many laboratory made teeth whitening products are available in the market that one can use. The benefit of using these homemade remedies ensures that they do not come with any side effects. They are quite affordable too.

Most people start whitening their teeth with natural teeth whitening at home remedies.  But after a while, they see that these teeth whitening at home methods are slow.  They usually opt for teeth whitening kits purchased with carbamide peroxide whitening gels, trays, and lights. Reputable companies should be chosen for teeth whitening kits.

There are video instructions available on how to use teeth whitening kits in this article.

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