What is a remineralization gel?

What is remineralization gel?
Remineralization gel is usually a blue color gel, used after teeth whitening process is completed.  It is used to restore the vitamins and minerals back to your teeth and gums.

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It also helps reducing the sensitivity.

How to use the remineralization gel?

After the whitening process, rinse your trays and clean the residual gel on your teeth. You will use the trays for the remineralization process.  Put a very small drop of remineralization gel in the front and back of the tray.

Wear your trays back and keep them on as long as you like.

If you like, you can do this process before going to bed. You can remove the tray and go to bed without washing your mouth. The gel will work all night.

You can do the remineralization process after every whitening or as needed.

What does Remineralization Gel do?
It Revitalizes and Desensitize teeth enamel especially after the teeth whitening process.
A good quality Remineralization Gel will allows the enamel to actively remineralize itself.
It will also strengthens your tooth enamel. Small invisible lesions will be repaired.
You will help to revitalize your teeth enamel after the teeth whitening process.