Will it hurt after teeth whitening? How long will the teeth sensitivity after whitening last?

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Teeth sensitivity after whitening or gum zingers are possible with teeth whitening, whether you do it at home or at the dentist. It depends on the person. Teeth sensitivity after whitening may range from zero sensitivity to very sensitive.

If sensitivity occurs, it is advised to wait 24-48 hours. It will go away within 24-48 hours. There is no need to panic. Taking Advil or Aleve may help to reduce teeth sensitivity after whitening.

Remedies for teeth sensitivity after whitening

It is important to take preventive measures to minimize or eliminate teeth sensitivity after whitening / zingers. Here are the factors – reasons:

– If you have very sensitive teeth or if you are not sure about it, it is most reasonable to start very easy with the the whitening process. Use minimum gel and keep your first sessions to 2-5 minutes. There is no harm in being careful. If you can comfortable, you can increase the duration of the sessions.

– Molding the trays is very important to keep the gel in contact with your teeth and away from your gums. If the trays don’t fit well, you will get gel anywhere but your teeth. Repeat the boil and bite steps until you have a good fit. And cut the top of the trays if they are too big for your teeth.

– Do not over use the gel. Over flowing gel will hurt your gums and increase teeth sensitivity after whitening.

– Slow and steady whitening process is the best practice.

– You may want to consider using remineralization gel after the process.

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