I tried to use the kit as directed, but when I tried to mold the retainer pieces they melted. The water was barely warm as I knew that these parts may be sensitive to high heat. I did the top and bottom retainer parts separate and each time I did them they both started curling in. I was really looking forward to this product, but now I cannot use the product because I melted the trays. Can you help?

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We certainly understand your frustration with the mouth trays and we will be more than happy to send you extra trays. We want you to enjoy our product and be 100% satisfied with every aspect of using an at home teeth whitening kit.
Just provide us your order number, date and address and we will send you the extra trays at no charge.

We would like you to know that some of our clients have chosen to put the gel directly onto their teeth with a small brush or a Q-tip, etc. They were very careful not to get any gel on their gums. After “painting” the gel, they usually cover their teeth with a piece of aluminum foil or such paper. This method has some advantages such as making sure the gel really touches the teeth instead of sitting at the bottom of the trays. Or making sure there is only enough gel to whiten the teeth and not overflow to the gums.

This is just a piece of extra information if you want to give a try, we will be sending out the trays as soon as we have the address.


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