I haven’t seen any results. My teeth are still the same shade. Did I get a bad batch of gel?

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We want all our customers happy with their purchase. If nothing else works, we will refund all your money.
First of all, we can send you a replacement just in case the gel you have is not in the optimum condition.
Just need your order number and address for the replacement.
In the mean time, here are some things you can check while waiting for the replacement:
You should try one of the other syringes that you did not use yet.
You will need to make sure the gel really touches your teeth. Sometimes, if the trays are not well fit, the gel just sits on the tray and never touches the surface of the tooth. One way of assuring this is by applying the gel directly on to your teeth with the help of a small brush or Q-tips. You can even use your finger tips if you are careful enough not to get any gel on your gums.
If you have not experienced any discomfort, you can increase the application time from 15 to 20-25-30 minutes.
If you are keeping the gel in the fridge, you should allow it to come back to room temperature before putting on your teeth.
Once again, if the replacement does not work, please contact your seler for a full refund.

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