best teeth whitening method

Best Teeth Whitening Method

Best Teeth Whitening Method: Perfect Results

Every individual is looking for the best teeth whitening method. The main point is there is no one single “best teeth whitening method” good for every single individual.  The method, results, cost, duration, and possible side effects should be considered in a balance.  If there were no side effects, 44% carbamide peroxide wouldn’t be the highest concentration available.  Higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide would give better results but the possible problems will be more.  A balance should be established. Trial and error, looking for the comfortable zone is a good practice.  Aside from this balance, there are a few points leading to your own best teeth whitening method.

Teeth Cleaning: This is very important before whitening your teeth. You should have clean teeth before whitening. The most important part to clean is the upper and lower 10 front teeth.  Don’t forget that the teeth are opaque so you have to clean the back of your teeth also to get a final satisfactory result. Also when you clean your teeth, this will detach any substance or food particles stuck to the surface of the teeth and this will allow carbamide peroxide to react evenly with all your teeth.

Choosing your gel: To achieve the best whitening result, you should use a trusted strong bleaching gel. You need to know that promotions of the whitening gels in TV shows and pharmacies contain only about 3% to 6 % peroxide concentration. These concentrations are not enough to get your teeth bleached in one time. With these products you will need a long time of using to reach a noticeable result in whitening the teeth. If you compare the cost of these products with professional strong bleaching products, it will not be that great due to the effort and time you will spend to get the same result of the professional one.  You can achieve better and faster results with 35 % – 44%  carbamide Peroxide with the accelerator light.
In case of getting the In-clinic teeth whitening, put in your consideration the potential risks as Dentists usually use a strong gel with more than 12 % (OH) concentration.
If you don’t achieve the whitening result you want from one treatment, you can give yourself a break in which you will observe the condition of your gum and teeth to be sure that no side effect has happened and then you can get a secondary treatment or even more. Don’t think that the professional in-office treatment is the best because it is more expensive as the home whitening product will achieve you the best whitening result and even more safe.

There is no best teeth whitening method for everyone.

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